Start, Stop, Keep Analysis

We collected a great deal of information on Jeffco using the start, stop, keep questions. The data came from responses to this blog, the welcome meeting for me at Lakewood High School on June 8th, and the community tour on July 10 (in several locations).

The image below shows a classification and breakdown of the responses (thanks to Harvard Doctoral Resident Tom McDermott for compiling the information).

I’d be interested in your reactions to what has emerged from the community out of these initial conversations.



6 thoughts on “Start, Stop, Keep Analysis

  1. While I appreciate this chart illustrating key themes, it would be interesting to see the feedback categorized under what people said should start, stop and continue. For example, what under middle school transition was suggested as a start, as a stop and as a continue?

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    1. Thanks, Shuntlyjett. The original data for all except the cards collected in the listening tour are available on the “start, stop, keep” page on this site. We have coded the cards from the listening tour, but did not transcribe them yet due to time. I will look into scanning them or getting them transcribed. I’d be interested in your inferences from the data!


  2. Dear Dr. Glass: As a teacher, parent, of students in Jeffco, In would like to make a suggestion for District Communication improvement. Since school websites have just been redesigned, it would be quite beneficial to have a school ‘s Area Superintendent listed too; most parents have no idea who to communicate with if communication with a principal is check challenging. The superintendent and their email address would make communication with the district more transparent. Great thanks for your support! Jeffco Jeff is a wonderful community. Best of luck.

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