Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community’s Schools

On this day, October 11, 2017, I’m proud to release this new vision document for Jeffco Public Schools. Please take the time to review and thoughtfully consider the ideas and direction presented, and then feel free to post questions, comments, or suggestions here. As always, I will work to respond personally.

Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of this document. I hope it is something of which Jeffco can be proud. Read the document by clicking the link below:

Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community’s Schools


8 thoughts on “Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community’s Schools

  1. Congratulations on your first 100 days! I hope that you continue to feel welcome and excited to be a part of Jeffco! I am excited to move beyond the 2020 vision but am stuck in the “need” right now. While I love conceptual ideas and thinking big, I am ready for some direction. I feel like we have been in a holding zone for awhile and would love to be able to “get to work”! I hope that this new document helps our leadership move forward in a confident manner.
    Be sure to take some time to enjoy fall… Boo at the Zoo is fun with kids! Thank you for your dedication. I am anxiously awaiting the next steps!


    1. Thanks, Sarah. The next steps on this are to have the community engage with the ideas and really vet the direction. Assuming that goes well, we’ll be working to stand up a detailed strategic plan based on these concepts inclusive of specific goals, performance metrics, accountable system leaders, reporting, and aligned budgets. Much is to be done, but this first step is having the community engage and validate this is indeed the right direction, or to provide feedback on what’s missing or unclear. Thank you!


  2. As an educator & as a dad, I greatly appreciate the sense of urgency, the innovation, and the desire to improve outcomes for all stakeholders found within Jeffco Generations. We must design tomorrow’s schools, today. The time is now. We are preparing students for their future, one that requires critical thinking, design, ideation, innovation, and collaboration far more than any prior generation.

    Personally, I feel there are some keys to this vision coming to fruition. Those keys are:
    1. We must build a culture of innovation within our schools and district offices. Leadership and school culture lay the foundation for this vision to come to reality.
    2. We must transform and redesign the learning experience and make it personal.
    3. We must ensure a return on instruction. Decisions must be grounded in evidence and show a ROI.
    4. We must design learner centered spaces
    5. We must make professional learning personal, relevant, engaging, and personal.
    6. We must leverage technology to accelerate student learning
    7. We must collaborate and engage with the community (school community and district levels). This has to be a fabric of a school and district culture.
    8. We must assure financial, pedagogical, and political sustainability for long term success.

    It will be vital for both district and school sites to action plan taking vision to action. Question for you Jason — what might be some of the thinking in place around putting those supports in place to help schools move from vision to action?

    Looking forward to the future!

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    1. Thanks, CJ – our first step is to have this vision vetted with the community to ensure we are hitting the right notes but also to determine if some things need to be added. From there, we’ll be designing a strategic plan with specific action and support steps, as well as performance metrics at the system, strategy, and tactic levels. More work to come, but we’ll begin aligning our resources and efforts behind this direction … once we get some validation from the community.


  3. I like the focus on the student experience. I think both my children would have benefited having more of that focus in their K-12 years (not that I am complaining, I think they got a good education in their years in Jeffco schools). It’s never too late to improve for future generations.

    If I didn’t misunderstand, your intention is having additional conversations regarding the content of the document, and using that feedback in the development of the strategic plan associated with this work. What is going to be the format of these conversations: surveys, meetings, open forums?
    How are you planning for participation of parents and community members? Thanks!

    M. Alejandro (a “newcomer” parent of a 12th grade student at Lakewood HS, who doesn’t plan to disengage from public education once she graduates)

    Lakewood, Colorado


    1. Thanks! Yes, we plan on continuing this conversation and thanks so much for your engagement – even after your kiddo graduates!


  4. A question has come up in our community about moving toward a 1:1 technology infusion starting in 2nd grade next year…why Google? Our community member has expressed concerns about a narrow focus on this single platform that may create brand-loyal consumers but may not provide opportunities beyond the basic knowledge of clicking on an app and using it. Although there is recognition that low cost drives this decision, the concern is that by using Google students are not really learning what goes on behind the apps (i.e. programming). Additionally, there is a concern that Google is not necessarily what some would consider a reputable company.


    1. Thanks much for engaging! It certainly doesn’t have to be Google. There are advantages and disadvantages with every operating system and platform. I think the work is in getting kids to be adaptive thinkers and able to work across various platforms. Google (with their Chromebooks) are certainly industry leaders when it comes to productivity at their price point, but who knows what will be coming in the next 5 years … or 5 minutes for that matter!


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