A Challenge for the New Year

At the first district all-leadership meeting for 2019, we discussed what is on a lot of people’s minds in our schools right now – budget and construction! While these topics are definitely of great importance, I also wanted to draw the attention of our leaders back to what we call “the main thing” in Jeffco, the student experience.

I challenged our building leaders with one of three tasks this spring semester. We’ll ask to see how they are doing and to share their experiences at upcoming meetings, but you might check in with your principal to see which challenge they took on, and how it’s going. Here are the challenges:

Challenge 1 – Shine the Light. Who on your staff is amazing at problem/project based learning? Find a way to share what they are doing. Affirm it and celebrate it. Invite others to suggest how it could be improved even more.

Challenge 2 – Richard Simmons. Who on your staff is struggling with the concept of transforming task? Support them in taking a risk, experimenting, trying something. Expect it to fail. Love them for trying. Get them to go again.

Challenge 3 – Make Learning Visible. Work with your teachers to come up with 3 big ways to create living monuments to what your students are doing. Choose things that are authentic, important, and personal to the students. This may scare people. Do it anyway.

There were about equal numbers of principals who chose the different challenges. What did your principal do?

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