The Circle


I wish that I had the right words, and that the words were enough.

Another school shooting. Today at Saugus High School in Santa Clarita, California. Two students killed, three injured. The shooter, also a student, in grave condition from a self-inflicted gunshot. It is believed the entire incident took 16 seconds.

What can we do?

The answers, at least in part, must reside in all of us.

Jeffco Public Schools already has a model school safety program and a rapidly expanding system of mental health supports. In this Santa Clarita shooting, we still do not have all the details of what happened or why. But we will look into that darkness and study this incident for what can be learned. We will evaluate our practices to see how we can improve. We peer into this darkness out of love for our community’s children, but I know doing so takes a toll on our staff.

And what we do in our schools is not enough. Turning this will take family and community. We must find ways to be present for children and young people in our community.

Who is alone, struggling, disconnected, or angry – and what can each of us do to connect? Who is drifting away and how can they be brought back to the circle? Whose heart or spirit is broken and how can we be part of their healing? How can we make the well-being of others (especially our young people) our responsibility?

Perhaps there are no right words, and there is no comfort to be given. But, perhaps these are the right questions to be asking.

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