The Business/Education Connection

It is because of business and industry that we have a system of public education. While the founding fathers wrote and spoke about the importance of a public education system to ensure a lasting and stable democratic republic, widely available public education did not become a reality until business and industry leaders demanded a workforce […]

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Finding Our Balance

Since its October release, our community has been engaged in a conversation about Jeffco Generations, the district vision document. The discussions happened in person and electronically over social media. They happened inside and outside of our schools, and they happened in both one-on-one and in large group conversations. Overall, my professional assessment is that the Generations […]

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3 Questions on Jeffco Generations

On October 11, 2017 and to coincide with my 100th day as Superintendent of Jeffco Public Schools, we released a document called Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community’s Schools. Since then, we’ve also added translated versions of the document, as well as support materials including a 4-page summary brochure and a poster of the […]

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Jeffco Generations: A Learning-Centered Vision for our Community’s Schools

On this day, October 11, 2017, I’m proud to release this new vision document for Jeffco Public Schools. Please take the time to review and thoughtfully consider the ideas and direction presented, and then feel free to post questions, comments, or suggestions here. As always, I will work to respond personally. Thanks to everyone involved […]

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The Best of (all) Worlds

Regular readers of this blog (and my other writings) know that I am a big fan of international benchmarking – a business-borrowed approach of studying the practices of high performing global systems, and the considering how those can be implemented in our context. This week, I was honored to give the keynote talk at Meiklejohn […]

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